The prepared environment

The Montessori classroom has been put together with thought and planning to ensure that it is an environment that reinforces the child’s independence and other natural urges. This is achieved in three ways – beauty, order and accessibility. It is like a little community. The mixed age group allows children to learn from each other in a non-competitive and non-aggressive atmosphere where the younger children are given the opportunity to spontaneously learn by watching and seeking help from the older children. These older children are able to develop leadership skills and reinforce their own learning by demonstrating to others.
With only one of each item or material available in the classroom at a time, children learn the art of sharing and working cooperatively with others, packing their work away in the manner in which they found it so that it can be enjoyed by others in the same way. They learn to politely ask to join in with others or if others would like to join them in their activities, and these become lifelong skills.
Children are not required to all do the same work at the same time. By contrast they are able to work freely and move from one activity to another, or from one area of the class to another without restrictions. Choice and spontaneity are fundamentals of a Montessori environment and are the children are able to make their own work choices (with guidance from their teacher, where necessary) but do so in a way that does not disrupt others but rather facilitates a productive working environment for everyone.
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