Montessori vs Traditional

A Brief Comparison between Montessori Education and Traditional Education

Montessori Education
Traditional Education
Child-centered focus, where each child is valued as a unique individual
Teacher-centered focus, where the lessons are pre-determined and children are taught as a unit
Individualized lessons for each child that meet their learning style, pace, and challenge them specific to their needs
Lessons presented to a full class for a designated time frame, regardless of a specific child’s readiness
Emphasis on learning specific to a particular child
Standardized learning objectives
Multi-age classroom
Single age classroom
Interconnected learning across multiple subjects with an integrated curriculum
Fragmented learning one subject at a time
Cooperation and respect for peers without comparison
Competition with peers
Concrete to abstract learning
Learning goes straight into the abstract
Children are active learners
Children learn passively through dictation or lecture style education
Emphasis is on individuality
Emphasis is on conformity
Competition with peers
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